Gutenberg 6.2 Adds Nesting Capabilities to Cover, Media & Text Blocks

Gutenberg 6.2 has two new user-facing features that were added based on community feedback. The Cover and Media & Text blocks now allow for nesting any type of block inside.
Previously, the Cover block only allowed users to add a heading, button, or paragraph block. Users had resorted to employing clunky solutions to get around the restrictions, such as using the group block with a custom class and using CSS to add backgrounds and overlay styling. The restrictions have now been removed to give users greater flexibility in styling these blocks.

Another new user-facing feature in 6.2 is the ability to customize the link target of the Button block, enabling users to designate the link to open in a new tab. Gutenberg Phase 2 lead Riad Benguella said this small improvement was a frequently requested feature.

This release also introduces a new PHP API to simplify the registration of block styles variations. It offers a simple way for plugin and theme developers to register block styles using only PHP function calls, instead of using JavaScript.  » Read More