Groundhogg Review: Marketing Automation For WordPress Users

Want to start using marketing automation at your WordPress site but overwhelmed by the complexity and price of most marketing automation tools?
Groundhogg is a freemium marketing automation plugin that might be your new best friend.
It lets you set up automation funnels and manage contacts without leaving your dashboard. Keep reading my Groundhogg review to learn more!

Groundhogg Review: What All This Tool Does
Groundhogg is a marketing automation and CRM plugin for WordPress. Let’s unpack what that means…
Marketing Automation
If you’re not familiar with what marketing automation is, the term is indeed a pretty good descriptor of what’s happening.
Groundhogg helps you automate your marketing efforts.
Think of it kind of like stringing together a bunch of if/then statements that make your life easier.
You could say:
“If a visitor fills out a certain form, then tag them with X and add an internal note”
“If a visitor goes to a certain page, then wait X days and send them an email”
Groundhogg helps you set up these automation flows – called funnels – using a visual,  » Read More