Gravity Perks Review: 30+ Add-Ons For Gravity Forms In One Package

If you use the Gravity Forms plugin, you’ll want to read this Gravity Perks review.

Gravity Perks by Gravity Wiz is not a single plugin. Instead, it’s a collection of 30+ add-ons for Gravity Forms that help you enhance and tweak your forms in a variety of nifty ways.
You can pick and choose which features you want, and it’s all modular so you’re never going to be weighing your site down with code bloat for features that you don’t want.
Some of these extensions do really small things – like limiting the number of words that can be included in certain text fields – while others are a little more expansive in what they tackle, like adding new eCommerce fields for tax, discounts, subtotal, etc.
And across all the extensions, you’ll find awesome documentation that will put a smile on your face if you’re a WordPress developer or implementer.
Keep reading my Gravity Perks review for a hands-on look at how these add-ons help you work better with Gravity Forms. I’ll share some of the most helpful extensions, and you can also find a full list of the 30+ Gravity Forms extensions.  » Read More