Goodbye Slack. Hey Twist!

Slack has been somewhat dominating the instant messaging scene for a while now. Be it a remote team around the world or one spread across a few offices next door to each other, many seem to prefer communicating via chat rather than in-person or on video calls.
For our team, this made sense. We’re a remote company spread across 4 countries. Apart from communication being key to our success, our choice of communication tools is also vital. We opted for Slack back in September 2014. It was great to start off with, but over time it started taking over.
With Slack open the entire time we were online, you always felt like your office door is open to distractions. Be it someone asking a question about product development or another person asking about a support ticket, something was always around the corner.

Granted, we may have needed to improve our situation by setting certain guidelines. For example, we could have turned Slack notifications off when we wanted to focus on a specific task. More self-discipline could have helped improve the situation.
But the way we saw it, the communication tool itself should be the one guiding us to do the right thing from the get-go.

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