Get Excited, WordCamp Europe 2018 Is About To Begin

WordCamp is an especially great event wherever it’s held. But, there are some big things happening in WordPress right now, and with WordCamp Europe about to kick off in Serbia, Thursday June 14th, we’re excited to take a look at some of the discussions lined up.

WordCamp Europe 2018 Starts Thursday, 6/14

If you take a look through the schedule, there are a couple great talks to look forward to from some great speakers regarding:


It all looks pretty standard. The thing to keep in mind is that WordPress is changing—always—and it’s events like WordCamp Europe, WordCamp U.S., and all the others that allow us to come together as a community to figure out how we can help drive it forward as one of the fundamental pillars of the Internet.

So, what events are we looking out for? Well, pretty much all of them, but a couple things got my attention looking at the schedule.

Evolving Design Trends in WordPress

Design is always the most fundamental part of building anything. Poor design usually leads to poor execution usually leads to poor adoption.

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