Everything You Wanted to Ask a GDPR Expert but Were Afraid to Ask

If you’re like 99.9% of developers, site managers, agencies and freelancers, the last thing on your list of priorities for the past 2 years has been GDPR compliance. You have a million other tasks on your plate and dumping energy into government regulated data protection laws seems like a complete waste of energy. Especially when you’re not living inside the European Union…those laws don’t affect you, right?!

Think again.

If you follow WordPress news, GDPR compliance is starting to consume just as much screen real estate as the controversial new post editor, Gutenberg. And rightly so.

May 25th marks the deadline for compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation and these new rules apply to any online presence collecting information from residents inside the European Union – and compliance is the responsibility of the site owner.

Needless to say this has massive implications for WordPress users around the world.

But have no fear, some forward thinking members of the WordPress community have been preparing for some time and even started working on core compliance, hooks and resources for the rest of us to learn from and implement.

We asked one of these amazing and generous contributors to break from his busy schedule and provide insight to our team,

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