Dark Mode WordPress Plugin Up for Adoption

Daniel James is putting his Dark Mode plugin up for adoption.
“I’m stepping back from plugin development (and WordPress contributions) and would like to see someone passionate about it pick it up,” James said.
Dark Mode has 2,000 active installations and is the most popular among a handful of dark or “night mode” plugins in the official directory. In August 2018, James submitted a merge proposal for including Dark Mode in core, but it was shot down the same day it was published. Gary Pendergast said the proposal “seemed premature” and noted that the project was lacking several merge criteria outlined on the Handbook page for feature plugins. He cited a lack of weekly chats, no kickoff and update posts, and no testing from the Flow team, among other concerns.
“I decided recently that because of the direction WordPress is going in with the move towards React with Gutenberg that I should probably focus my efforts elsewhere,” James said.
“That’s mostly to do with the merge proposal getting rejected fairly quickly without any helpful next steps on how to improve it.  » Read More