CyberChimps Prime Review: Daily Backups, Security, Premium Themes + More

Tired of wasting time trying to manage your WordPress site? Security, backups, weird formatting in your posts…it’s a pain to deal with. CyberChimps Prime is a subscription service that aims to make your life easier by bundling all of those areas, plus access to 60+ premium themes, into one package.Keep reading my CyberChimps Prime review to learn more about how this service works…Ok, so let’s go through the actual meat of what you get with CyberChimps Prime. Then, I’ll show you how it all works on my own site.First, you get two essential WordPress maintenance features:BackupsSecurityFor backups, CyberChimps Prime will automatically back up your site every day to a secure location.Then, to help keep you from ever needing to use your backup in the first place, CyberChimps Prime also comes with malware security scanning, as well as login hardening and a firewall.So those two things keep your site humming along smoothly. But there’s also more to the subscription.You also get access to all 60+ of CyberChimps’ existing premium themes, as well as any new premium themes that they add. Many of these themes are niche-specific, which makes this is a great value if you build sites for clients. Additionally, you can use the themes on unlimited sites.Finally,

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