CSS Hero Review: Makes Theme And Plugin CSS Beginner-Friendly

CSS gives you the power to change pretty much everything about how your WordPress site looks. It’s that powerful…
But here’s the problem with CSS:
It’s not accessible to beginners – you need to know at least a bit about code if you want to do anything with it. And even if you do know the basics, it can take a while to make things work like you want them to.
CSS Hero is a plugin that changes that. It makes the power of CSS accessible to anyone by giving you a beginner-friendly interface to make CSS changes to your WordPress theme and WordPress plugins. Everything happens in real-time and on the frontend.
And in February of 2018, CSS Hero launched v3 which features a new interface, new features, and a complete rewrite of the plugin’s core code.
Whether you’re a beginner who wants to start customizing your site with CSS or a developer looking to speed up your workflow, read my CSS Hero review for a deeper look at how this plugin lets you customize your WordPress site’s CSS.
CSS Hero Review: What The Plugin Does
Ok, so you know that CSS Hero gives you a graphic interface to make CSS changes to your WordPress theme and plugins.

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