Cover Image vs. Featured Image in WordPress Block Editor (Beginner’s Guide)

WordPress 5.0 was released with the brand new Gutenberg block editor and a host of cool features. One of them is the Cover block, which lets you add cover images to your posts and pages.
This feature has confused some users because it may seem similar to the Featured Image option which has been in WordPress since WordPress 2.9.
In this article, we’ll explain the differences between cover image vs. featured image in WordPress block editor.

What is a Cover Image?
A cover image is usually a wide image used as a cover photo for a new section in a blog post or page. It is part of the overall article. You can use a cover image when you’re starting a new section or a new story within your article.
With the Cover block in WordPress, you can add text and color overlay on your cover image.

By adding an appropriate color overlay that matches your theme color or content’s mood, you can make your article more engaging.
Similarly, adding text overlay helps your users easily identify where a new section starts in your article and what’s it about.  » Read More