Bibblio’s Related Posts Plugin Uses AI To Increase Audience Loyalty and Engagement

For WordPress users, there are lots of related post plugins to choose from. Unfortunately, in today’s online environment, information overload and the conflicting mission of advertisers can lead to distraction and irrelevant content suggestions. This can lead to a negative user experience and a high bounce rate from your site.

A relatively new player on the scene, Related Posts by Bibblio, aims to change that and separate itself from the pack through artificial intelligence that learns from content analysis and user behavior.

Bibblio—a company based in London, New York, and Cape Town—have a mission to deliver relevant and engaging content recommendations to WordPress users. They accomplish this through a machine learning algorithm that’s similar to recommendation technology used by companies like Netflix, The New York Times, Spotify, and Facebook.

With the Related Posts plugin, you can help visitors to your site easily sift through your content and access the most relevant post recommendations for their needs. In this way, you can increase user engagement, audience loyalty, and conversions.

Related Posts Main Features

Here are the main features of the Related Posts plugin:

• AI machine learning algorithm that adapts and continuously improves its content-based recommendations.

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