SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Plugin Permanently Removed from Due to Spam Code

WordPress Tavern: The SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin has been removed from the WordPress Directory due to its author including spam code. The plugin added a CAPTCHA image test to WordPress forms to prevent spam and was compatible with forms generated by bbPress, BuddyPress, Jetpack, and WooCommerce. It had more than 300,000 active installs at the time of […]

Facebook to Re-license React after Backlash from Open Source Community

WordPress Tavern: Facebook has announced its intentions to re-license React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js under the MIT license. React community members began rallying around a petition to re-license React after the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) added Facebook’s BSD+Patents license to its Category X list of disallowed licenses for Apache PMC members. Facebook’s engineering directors officially denied the […]

WordPress Explores a JavaScript Framework-Agnostic Approach to Building Gutenberg Blocks

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: found_drama E.’s pirate town – (license) The discussion regarding WordPress’ JavaScript framework selection continues in the #core-js Slack channel ahead of next week’s meeting. One of the more recent topics is the possibility of framework-agnostic block rendering for Gutenberg, which would allow developers to extend the new editor using any JS library they […]

WordCamp for Publishers Videos Now Available on YouTube

WordPress Tavern: WordCamp for Publishers, held last month at The Denver Post building, was the first niche WordCamp to be focused around a specific industry. The event was designed for people who use WordPress to manage publications and also to encourage collaboration among project maintainers who build open source tools for publishers. In addition to hands-on technical […]

Apply Filters Podcast to be Retired after 83 Episodes

WordPress Tavern: Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson are retiring from podcasting. Their bi-weekly show Apply Filters, a favorite podcast among WordPress developers, will go off the air after publishing its 83rd episode. The hosts have not yet revealed why they are retiring but plan to share more details in the final episode. We’ll answer that next week […]

New Core Gallery Widget Targeted for WordPress 4.9

WordPress Tavern: The Core Media Widgets feature plugin introduced a gallery widget in the 0.2.0 release this week. WordPress 4.8 added the new audio, image, and video widgets from this feature plugin....

Why Vue.js Creator Evan You Thinks Vue Could Be a Good Fit for WordPress

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: JSConf China After last week’s news that WordPress is abandoning React due to its unfavorable patents clause, the discussion regarding the selection of a new framework is heating up again. As Vue is once again among the leading contenders, I reached out to Vue.js creator Evan You to get his perspective on the […]

Vue Project Launches Community Campaign on OpenCollective

WordPress Tavern: With the recent news that WordPress is abandoning React due to its BSD + Patents license, core contributors are now revisiting the discussion of the merits of other frameworks. Gutenberg development is currently on hold until a new library is chosen to replace React, and selection is likely to be imminent to prevent further delay. […]

WordPress Abandons React due to Patents Clause, Gutenberg to be Rewritten with a Different Library

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Lalesh Aldarwish This evening Matt Mullenweg announced on his blog that WordPress has decided to move away from React due to its BSD + Patents clause licensing. Gutenberg engineers will be rewriting the new editor to use another JavaScript framework and Automattic plans to rewrite Calypso as well: We had a many-thousand word […]

First WordCamp Dublin Set for October 14-15

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Following up on the success of WordCamp Belfast last October, the WordPress community in Dublin will be hosting its first WordCamp October 14-15. Both camps began the early stages of planning last year and the two communities have shared some of the same organizers across their teams to help get these new […]

GitHub Partners with Facebook to Release Atom-IDE

WordPress Tavern: GitHub announced the launch of Atom-IDE this week, a new set of packages that extend its open source JavaScript-powered code editor to include IDE-like functionality. This first release includes packages that support TypeScript, Flow, JavaScript, Java, C#, and PHP. “The start of this journey includes smarter context-aware auto-completion as well as a host of code […]

Display Widgets Plugin Permanently Removed from Due to Malicious Code

WordPress Tavern: Display Widgets, a plugin with more than 200,000 active installs, has been removed from due to its authors inserting malicious code. SEO consultant David Law was the first to bring this issue to the attention of the plugin team after discovering that Display Widgets was inserting content into sites from external servers and also […] Adds New Support Rep Role for Plugin Pages

WordPress Tavern: introduced a new feature for plugin pages this week that highlights official support representatives. Plugin authors can now find the UI for adding support reps under the Advanced View on the plugin page. Unlike the contributors and developers role, individual support reps do not have commit access and do not appear on the plugin […]

Gutenberg to Offer New Approach to TinyMCE in WordPress 5.0, a Plugin to Bring Back Old Interface Will be Available

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Sergey Zolkin The WordPress community is currently knee-deep in Gutenberg takes, as the new editor is poised to impact nearly every corner of the ecosystem when it ships in WordPress 5.0. With billions of dollars flowing through the WordPress economy, tensions are high, as many people support themselves and their families with the […]

“The Final Word” Plugin Extends O2 to Pin a Highlighted Comment to the Top of a Thread

WordPress Tavern: “The Final Word” is a new plugin that extends O2 to highlight a comment at the top of a thread. O2 is the plugin successor to P2, Automattic’s group blogging theme that introduced quick posting from the front page with real-time comment updates. The code was released on GitHub in 2015 and it powers the […]

Equifax Launches WordPress-Powered Site for Consumers Affected by Security Breach

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Lock – (license) Equifax has launched a WordPress-powered website to connect with consumers affected by its recent security breach, which compromised 143 million customers’ personal data. The exposed data includes names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, and other sensitive financial information. The site was launched […]

Gutenberg 1.1.0 Adds Autocomplete for Blocks, Developers Elaborate on How New Editor Will Work with Themes

WordPress Tavern: Gutenberg contributors continue marching forward this week on their relentless drive to improve the usability of the controversial new editor that will ship with WordPress 5.0. Meanwhile, discussions about Gutenberg’s timing, implications, UI, architecture, and other aspects of the project continue across the web, as the community grapples with what this new editor will mean […]

Jetpack 5.3 Adds PHP 7.1 Compatibility, Better Control for WordAds Placement

WordPress Tavern: Jetpack 5.3 was released with compatibility for PHP 7.1, a task the Jetpack team has been working on since January 2017 after they received multiple reports of failures with PHP 7.1 when opcache was enabled. This interfered with XML-RPC requests and some users reported issues managing their sites from WordPress....

WordCamp Grand Rapids Attendees Share First Impressions of Gutenberg

WordPress Tavern: While attending WordCamp Grand Rapids I had the opportunity to interview developers and business owners about their first impressions of the new Gutenberg editor. Many attendees I spoke to had not yet heard of the project but were intrigued and decided to install the plugin on a test site. A few attendees were developers who […]

WordCamp Grand Rapids 2017 Sells Out, Organizers On Board for 2018 Event

WordPress Tavern: The 4th edition of WordCamp Grand Rapids was held last weekend at Grand Valley State University’s downtown Pew Campus. After a brief hiatus following previous events in 2012, 2013, and 2014, the WordCamp is back in action with first-time lead organizer Cate DeRosia at the helm. Tickets sold out shortly before the event and the […]

Gutenberg 1.0.0 Introduces Drag and Drop for Adding Image Blocks

WordPress Tavern: Gutenberg 1.0.0 was released this week as another iteration in the beta period that will continue on with 1.1 next week. Design lead Tammie Lister said the team decided “not let numbers set expectations” and will carry on at the same pace with weekly releases.... Now Allows Plugin Authors to Specify a Minimum PHP Version Requirement

WordPress Tavern: Although WordPress core currently maintains backwards compatibility with PHP 5.2.4+, plugin and theme authors are not required to do so. When developers include features that require more recent versions of PHP, it can break sites or cause otherwise unexpected behavior. As part of a larger effort to encourage users to upgrade their PHP versions, WordPress....

Matt Mullenweg Addresses Concerns About Gutenberg, Confirms New Editor to Ship with WordPress 5.0

WordPress Tavern: Matt Mullenweg published an appeal to WordPress users over the weekend in a post titled “We Called it Gutenberg for a Reason.” In it he offers a better look at his vision for Gutenberg, which he contends will be as transformative for WordPress’ future as the first movable type printing was for Europe’s printing revolution. […]

Facebook Isn’t Budging on React’s BSD + Patents License

WordPress Tavern: Last month React users petitioned Facebook to relicense the project (and its other open source projects) after the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) added Facebook’s BSD+Patents license to its Category X list of disallowed licenses for Apache PMC members. Participants and subscribers to the GitHub thread waited weeks for a decision on re-licensing while Facebook’s engineering […] to Add New Page Educating Users on Benefits of Upgrading PHP

WordPress Tavern: WordPress’ Core PHP team has created a new GitHub organization for initiatives focused on improving the use of PHP in the project. The first one they are tackling is a new page on dedicated to educating users about the benefits of upgrading PHP. Contributors are collecting third-party articles and tutorials on PHP upgrades to […]

Chrome Version 62 to Show Security Warnings on HTTP Pages Starting in October 2017

WordPress Tavern: Google Search Console has started sending out notices to sites that have not yet migrated to HTTPS. Chrome 61 is now in beta and version 62 is on track to begin marking HTTP pages as “NOT SECURE” beginning in October. It will show the warning if it detects any forms on the page that transmit […]

New Merlin WP Onboarding Wizard Makes WordPress Theme Installation and Setup Effortless

WordPress Tavern: ThemeBeans founder Rich Tabor released Merlin WP on GitHub in public beta this week. The project provides a beautiful experience for installing and setting up WordPress themes with all of their plugin dependencies, Customizer settings, widgets, demo content, and more. “I was inspired by David Baker’s Envato Theme Setup Wizard and was working to add […]

WordPress Support Team to Host Free Workshop August 23 on Supporting Themes

WordPress Tavern: Over the past few months the WordPress Support Team has been brainstorming ways to improve support across various aspects of the community. One new idea they are pursuing is hosting workshops where theme and plugin authors can present how they approach supporting their free, open source products that have been released to the community. […]

Gravity Forms Stop Entries Plugin Aims to Help Sites Comply with the EU’s GDPR

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: AJ Montpetit Wider Gravity Forms Stop Entries is a new plugin that helps website owners protect the privacy of form submissions by preventing entries from being stored in the database. The plugin was created by UK-based web developer Jonny Allbut for internal use at Wider, a company he set up for handling WordPress […]

WordPress Mobile Apps Updated with a New Login Experience

WordPress Tavern: The WordPress mobile apps are sporting a new login experience that Automattic’s mobile designers and developers released in the latest versions. The login flow has been completely redesigned to provide a more unified experience for connecting both self-hosted and sites. These flows were completely separate in the past and users were often confused about […]

maekit Acquires WP Remote, Plans to Add Cloud-Based Backup Services

WordPress Tavern: maekit, a cloud-based platform that handles the business aspect of web design, has acquired WP Remote from Human Made. Two years after Human Made began searching for a buyer, maekit purchased WP Remote to integrate it with the company’s existing platform that caters to designers managing multiple clients. “WP Remote had remained a much-loved product […]

Gutenberg 0.8.0 Introduces 5 New Blocks: Categories, Text Columns, Shortcode, Audio, and Video

WordPress Tavern: Gutenberg 0.8.0 was released over the weekend with five new blocks, major improvements to existing blocks, and support for more publishing features that have been missing from the new editor’s sidebar. The release also carries out the controversial decision to remove the opt-in usage tracking code from the plugin. The new Categories block can be […]

Early Results from NRKbeta’s Comment Quiz Plugin Show Readers Enjoy the Quiz but Rarely Leave a Comment

WordPress Tavern: Earlier this year, NRKbeta, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s media and technology site, open sourced its comment quiz plugin for WordPress. The site’s publishers have been experimenting with requiring their readers to complete a short, three-question quiz before giving access to the comment form on certain articles. The goal of the plugin was to prevent rants […]

WordPress 4.9 to Focus on Code Editing and Customization Improvements, Targeted for November 14

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Sophie Ollis WordPress core contributors have set a tentative schedule for the upcoming 4.9 release, which will be co-led by Mel Choyce and Weston Ruter. The development cycle kicked off in early August with Beta 1 scheduled for early October and the official release targeted for November 14. Choyce published a list of […]

WooCommerce Forks select2, Releases selectWoo as a Drop-In Replacement with Improved Accessibility

WordPress Tavern: The WooCommerce development team has forked select2 to create a more accessible, drop-in replacement library called selectWoo. select2 is a widely used jQuery-based library for making custom drop down menus. Many users are wondering if the project has been abandoned, because the repository hasn’t seen any activity since February and 115 pull requests have piled […]

WordPress Foundation to Sponsor Open Source Educational Events

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: 16th st – (license) The WordPress Foundation is sponsoring a new series of workshops and training events that will introduce people to WordPress and related open source software. The program targets communities in Latin and South America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. “Specifically, we want to shine more light on the potential of open […]

Gutenberg Development Team Confirms Meta Box API Will Not be Formally Deprecated

WordPress Tavern: photo credit: Doors Open Toronto 2008 – Toronto Archives – (license) The discussion surrounding how Gutenberg will handle meta boxes heated up over the weekend after a participant commented on the GitHub issue with concern regarding meta box support being removed from the most recent milestone. “I see this vital issue has been removed from […]

Gutenberg 0.7.0 Adds Opt-In Usage Tracking

WordPress Tavern: Gutenberg 0.7.0 was released just before the weekend with improvements to the writing flow and greater flexibility for theme authors to add their own customizations. Last week’s version 0.6....