How To Password Protect WooCommerce Categories With WooCommerce Password Protected Categories

WP Mayor: Most WooCommerce store owners are trying to get their products in front of as many eyeballs as possible. More traffic is always good because it means a better chance to make a sale, right? This post isn’t for those WooCommerce store owners. Instead, I’m going to talk about a more niche use – password protecting […]

Our WordPress Content Curation Guide – What You Need to Know

WP Mayor: So you want to take on the mammoth task of curating the web’s content into one convenient place? Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has a blog, so content curation is a valuable service to the many content consumers of the world. But what exactly is content curation? And how do you actually […]

The Power of RSS Feeds in WordPress

WP Mayor: Want to up your RSS feed game? RSS feeds are valuable as much more than a tool to subscribe to other blogs’ content. You can also use them to enhance your WordPress site in a variety of ways.

How to Automatically Curate Videos With MondoPlayer and WP RSS Aggregator

WP Mayor: You can’t argue with the stats: Videos are an important marketing strategy that most marketers want to do even more of. But if you don’t have a huge marketing budget to create your own unique videos, how can you take part in video marketing? One way is to curate videos on your site. Just like […]

6 Best Examples of Content Aggregator Websites That Rock

WP Mayor: Content aggregator websites are certainly something that you’ve run into at least a few times in your life on the web. But when it comes time to think about examples of content aggregator websites, your mind might be going blank. In this post, I’m going to showcase 6 different examples of successful content aggregator websites. […]

How to Provide the Latest Medical News for Specific Conditions

WP Mayor: Nowadays, it seems like researchers are coming up with new medical treatments just about every single day, doesn’t it? So if you want to keep up with the latest medical news, how are you supposed to be able to stay on top of those advances, especially if you’re mainly interested in a specific condition? Quite […]

How to Build a Latest News Website Without Any Coding Experience

WP Mayor: Want to create a latest news website but not sure where to start? By that, I mean a site that automatically brings in the latest news for a specific topic – no manual input required. WordPress, our favorite CMS here at WP Mayor, is actually a perfect tool for the job…as long as you’ve got […]

How to Create a WordPress Classifieds Site Like Craigslist For Free

WP Mayor: Looking to create a classified ads site like Craigslist or Gumtree? The massive success of those two behemoths certainly proves a market need. But how do you actually go about mimicking their functionality? As you might notice, we’re big fans of the WordPress CMS. And as luck would have it, it’s easy to create a […]

How to Find an RSS Feed URL

WP Mayor: RSS feeds are a nifty feature present in WordPress and mos–t other content management systems. They make it easy to read and manipulate content from a website. And in this post, I’ll give you a quick and dirty guide on what RSS feeds are and how you can use a few tricks to find practically […]

RSS Is Not Dead! It’s Very Much Alive and Kicking

WP Mayor: If you were creating websites back in the early 2010s, you probably remember a time when a website’s Feedburner RSS subscriber count was its measure of worth. In those days, a high RSS subscriber count was like a huge Facebook fan page following is today…. It was social proof that your page was popular and […]

How to Enhance Your Website’s Feed Display

WP Mayor: You’re probably most familiar with your own website’s RSS feed. But did you know that you can use other website’s RSS feeds to display content on your own website?

How to Import Instagram Photos to WordPress

WP Mayor: Want to import Instagram photos to WordPress? You spend all that time creating gorgeous Instagram shots for your social profile, so why not repurpose your work for your WordPress site as well? I’ll show you how!

How to Make Money with Curated Content Websites

WP Mayor: Content curation is huge right now. Sites are curating everything from WordPress news to weird tech products to pretty much anything else. But are these sites actually making any money? And if you start your own content curation website, how can you make money with curated content?

The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Exercise, Fitness and Gym Websites [Update 2017]

WPLift: Trying to make your WordPress site a bit…healthier? For this list, I’m going to dig into the best plugins for exercise, fitness and gym websites. Whether you’re trying to add some basic nutrition or exercise calculators to your own site or you’re trying to create a fully-functional gym website that can take bookings and manage […]

Tutorial: How to Import Google Docs Into WordPress Using Jetpack

WPLift: As of March 2017, you can import posts directly from Google Docs while maintaining all the images and formatting. That is, your post in the WordPress Editor should look exactly the same as your post in Google Docs. The post Tutorial: How to Import Google Docs Into WordPress Using Jetpack appeared first on WPLift.

Up and Running Review: A Great Course to Learn WordPress Development

WPLift: If you’re not familiar, Up and Running is a WordPress development course from Fred and David of WPShout, a popular WordPress tutorial website. The post Up and Running Review: A Great Course to Learn WordPress Development appeared first on WPLift.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Set Up W3 Total Cache for WordPress

WPLift: If you’ve ever searched for a WordPress caching plugin at, you know that W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins out there. It has some pretty impressive download numbers. Some people love it. Others hate it….

The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Plugins: Over 50 Plugins to Enhance Your Store [UPDATE 2017]

WPLift: Brace yourself – you’ve just entered a mega-monster WooCommerce plugins post. Trust me, this ain’t your grandfather’s WooCommerce plugin roundup. I’m going to take you through 50+ plugins to help you improve all aspects of your WooCommerce store. The post The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Plugins: Over 50 Plugins to Enhance Your Store [UPDATE 2017] […]

WP Event Manager Review – Add Detailed Event Listings to WordPress

WPLift: Need to add event listings to your WordPress site? The plugin I’m going to look at in this review helps you add powerful event listing functionality to WordPress. You’ll get features like front-end event creation forms, sortable event listings, and lots more. The post WP Event Manager Review – Add Detailed Event Listings to WordPress […]

MagicPress Review – Is It The Ultimate WordPress Cloud Platform?

WPLift: Want a simpler way to work with WordPress? MagicPress is a cloud platform for hosting, managing, and creating WordPress sites. And in this post, I’ll give you a hands on review of everything that it has to offer. The post MagicPress Review – Is It The Ultimate WordPress Cloud Platform? appeared first on WPLift….

The Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins

WPLift: If you haven’t already hopped on the WordPress page builder bandwagon, I hope this post enlightens you to all the amazing options out there. See, if you’re like most WordPress users, you’re probably not an expert developer. So what happens if you want to create a page or a post with more complex functionality/design than […]

The WPLift Guide to WordPress and PDF: WordPress PDF Plugins

WPLift: Want to improve the way your WordPress site handles PDFs? PDFs are great because their formatting is consistent across all devices and they allow you to easily showcase highly styled documents. But without some of these WordPress PDF plugins, you’ll be limited in how you display PDFs. This post will cover plugins that help all […]

The Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress to Help You Promote WordPress Products

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Campaign Monitor vs. MailChimp vs. SendinBlue: Which to Choose?

WPLift: So you’ve finally decided to get serious and start building an email list. Congrats! You’re on your way to building an evergreen resource that will never go out of style. But now you’ve stumbled into a difficult decision. There are a million and one email marketing services out there – how the heck can you […]

Why Elementor is the Perfect Plugin for WordPress Marketers

WPLift: In this post, I’ll dig into some of the ways that marketers can benefit from the Elementor page builder. If you’d like to see some more general thoughts on Elementor, check out my Elementor review from a few months ago. The post Why Elementor is the Perfect Plugin for WordPress Marketers appeared first on WPLift.

How to Set Up KeyCDN for WordPress – CDN Made Easy

WPLift: Are you looking to speed up your WordPress site? If you’ve already ran through our other WordPress performance tips, another way to speed up your site is to integrate a content delivery network (CDN). In this post, I’ll show step by step how to set up your very own WordPress CDN using KeyCDN. While KeyCDN […]

SiteGround Adds One-Click SSL Plugin to Its Automatic SSL Certificates

WPLift: Earlier this year, we ran a newsletter letting you know that SiteGround had started automatically issuing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to sites. At the time, that was the biggest SSL news. As far as I know, no other shared host has made such a bold move. The post SiteGround Adds One-Click SSL Plugin to Its […]

How to Set Up SMTP for WordPress Emails Using Postman SMTP

WPLift: You know what sucks? When your emails show up in your intended recipients’ spam folders. You’re sending content that needs to be seen, but the Internet gatekeepers are sending it straight to junk. It’s annoying. But as anyone who has tried to receive Contact Form 7 emails at their Gmail account can attest to, it […]

CMS Comparison: WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal. Which is Best?

WP Mayor: Struggling to make the decision between WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal? Choosing a content management system (CMS) is one of the biggest decisions facing your fledgling website. It’s the foundation that will power your site for years to come – so you absolutely need to put in the research time before you make a decision….

WordPress Mobile Pack PRO Review – Create a Progressive Web App for Your Site

WPLift: How much do you care about the mobile visitors to your site? Did you pick a responsive theme and just call it a day? Responsive themes are certainly better than nothing, but are they really the best way to showcase the mobile version of your WordPress site? The post WordPress Mobile Pack PRO Review – […]

Catchers Helpdesk Review – A Smart Help Desk Right In Your Dashboard

WPLift: In a perfect world, no one would ever have problems with your product. In the real world, even the most well-designed product is going to have confused users. So if your users are confused and need help, how can you get that help to them? A help desk. Help desk software lets you accept client […]

How Many WordPress Plugins is Too Many? The Answer Might Surprise You

WPLift: If you’ve used WordPress for a while, I’m sure someone has told you that you “shouldn’t use too many plugins”. It’s obvious – using too many plugins will slow your WordPress site down, right? But is that actually true? I mean, people tell me I shouldn’t swim after eating, but I’ve done that my whole […]

How to Run A/B Tests on WordPress to Improve Your Website

WPLift: How do you make changes to your WordPress site? Do you “think” of a way to improve your site, make a major change, and call it a day? If so, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Making changes to your website without testing them is dangerous business. You’ll never know for sure whether your change […]

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms: Which is Best?

WPLift: You may not give them credit, but forms are an essential part of your WordPress site. They let people contact you, help you build your email list, allow visitors to register, and just generally power your WordPress site in any number of unsexy ways. The post Gravity Forms vs. WPForms vs. Caldera Forms: Which is […]

Custom Plugin – When to use functions.php and when should you use a Plugin?

WPLift: Are you a functions.php hoarder? If your first inclination when adding custom code snippets to your WordPress site is to stick them in functions.php, you may be afflicted with this terrible disease and not even know it. The post Custom Plugin – When to use functions….

The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants – Menus, Reservations + More

WPLift: If you’re running a restaurant, you need a website, right? Think about it – how often do you go online to look up menus, make reservations, or check opening times for restaurants? I know that I do it pretty much every time I eat out! The post The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants – Menus, […]