Advanced Lazy Loading, Automatic Resizing & 5MB Free Compression – The Queen of Image Optimization, Smush, Gets an Update

Smush is already the Coca-Cola of image optimization (even her competitors call image optimization Smushing). And now there’s even more to love; more compression (5MB!) for free with better 50-image-smushing alongside a CDN upgrade and expanded 3rd-party support for Smush Pro users.
She’s the true standard for making all the images in your WordPress media library fast, clear, and stunning.
It’s no wonder she’s trusted to optimize nearly 350 images per second, that’s 30 million images per day and 35.9 billion images as of this post going to press. But who’s counting 😉
This year brought the most significant upgrades to our heroic optimizer.

CDN (For our pro users)
WebP Conversion (Also pro)
Lazy Loading (included free)
Image Resize Detection (Free to everyone)
And, Automatic Image Resizing (for our pro members)

New Features For Free & Pro Users
With the free version of Smush, every image you upload is automatically optimized with her award-winning lossless compression improving PageSpeed, making more space on your servers, ranking you higher in Google and saving you time and money.  » Read More