Adding Aligned Images to Paragraphs in Gutenberg Is Not as Tough as I Thought

Last week, I published an article that describes the process I went through in Gutenberg to try to add an aligned image to a paragraph block. I concluded that performing the task in the Classic Editor was easier than in Gutenberg.
In response to the article, William Earnhardt compared the process and showed how it can be accomplished in two steps in Gutenberg.
Drag an image into editor where you want it to go.
Click align right.
Dragging and dropping images into WordPress is not something I do. It’s not how I write. His method is simpler but I prefer to work within the interface. His second suggestion of accomplishing the task is the method I’ll use from now on.
Click the block inserter above the paragraph you want to insert the image before.
Select the image block.
Drag the image onto the block.
Click align right.
In the last few months of using Gutenberg, I’ve become accustomed to adding new blocks by pressing enter at the end of a paragraph block or by clicking the plus sign to the left of a block. I haven’t used the plus sign between blocks but it makes sense and indeed,

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