85+ Most Useful Time Saving WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that there are some really useful WordPress keyboard shortcuts that can save you a lot of time?
If you want to write faster, or become more productive in managing your WordPress site, then you need to use these shortcuts.
In this article, we will share the most useful WordPress keyboard shortcuts that can help speed up your workflow. We have also updated this guide to add helpful Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts as well.

WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Speed and Efficiency
WordPress is a popular website builder and blogging platform that comes with a robust content editor.
The content editor lets you add various types of content including text, images, audio, videos, etc. to your site. You can also customize the formatting for each content type.
Many WordPress beginners use their mouse to access these formatting and styling buttons on the editor. With WordPress keyboard shortcuts, you can rest your hands on the keyboard and edit your posts faster.
The best thing about using WordPress shortcuts is that many of your computer and Microsoft Word shortcuts work similarly in the WordPress content editor.  » Read More