8 WordPress Plugins and Tools for Designing Beautiful Tables

One of the nice things about creating content in WordPress is that nearly everything you can do in word processing software (e.g. stylize text, add special characters, embed images) can be done right from within the WordPress editor. The one type of functionality that hasn’t yet translated over to WordPress, however, is table design.

Although a table isn’t necessarily a common feature used in web design, it’s a basic enough element that would be great to have included in the default editor settings. That will likely change when Gutenberg goes live and includes functionality that allows users to add table “blocks” to WordPress sites. For now, though, tables are a pain to create if you want to do so by hand.

Thankfully, you won’t have to resort to that. WordPress plugin and theme developers have recognized a need for this–especially as businesses seek out better ways to display professional-looking tables on their site. So, we now have a plentitude of lightweight plugins and builder tools that come equipped with table-building features.

8 Plugins and Tools for Designing Tables in WordPress

Tables can be used for a variety of reasons in WordPress.

They display data in support of the research or topic discussed on the page.

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