7+ WordPress Businesses That Actively Share Income And Transparency Reports In 2018

There’s something exciting about knowing a secret, right? And when it comes to business, what’s more secret than a private business’ income numbers?
Most private companies keep their revenue and expenses close to the chest…but some WordPress companies make things a bit more transparent by publishing public income reports.
If you’re a casual user, reading these posts can be eye-opening as to just how much money there is floating around in the WordPress economy. And if you’re running a WordPress business, these reports can take things one step further and actually give you some insights into the pecuniary details of companies in your industry.
In this post, I’ve collected as many WordPress businesses that are still actively publishing income reports in 2018 as possible. Then, at the end, I’ll also share a couple businesses that publish quality transparency reports…even if those transparency reports don’t include hard numbers.
So – income first, then transparency. That’s kind of how the world works, right?
5 WordPress Businesses That Publish Income Reports In 2018
All the companies in this section share hard data about their income and, in some cases, expenses. As of May 2018, they’re all still actively publishing numbers,

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