7 Best SMTP Service Providers with High Email Deliverability (2019)

Are you looking for the best SMTP service providers?
An SMTP service provider helps you reliably send emails from your website to your users.
SMTP servers are especially configured to ensure that your emails reach users’ inbox and don’t end up in the junk mail folder.
In this article, we will share the best SMTP service providers with high email deliverability. We will also show you how to send your WordPress emails using these SMTP services.

Why You Need an SMTP Service Provider for WordPress Emails?
All WordPress websites rely heavily on email to do various tasks. For example:

Recovering lost password
Registering a new account
Notifications for comments, new articles, password changes, and more
If its an online store, then sending customers order confirmation, invoices, and delivery information via email.

By default, WordPress is configured to send emails using the PHP mail() function. This is the primary reason why users complain about WordPress not sending email issue.
There are a number of problems with the default mail method,  » Read More