6 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Musicians, Bands, and Recording Artists

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WordPress sites can be created to suit just about any need. That means it’s easy to set up an online store, a company profile, or even a place to display your music. At the same time, a music-focused website has particular requirements, so you’ll want some tools that aren’t present in a default WordPress installation.
Fortunately, there are numerous handy plugins that will enable you to add additional features to your site at the click of a button. These solutions can help you put together an aesthetically-pleasing portfolio of your work. If you like, you can even sell your music online by using event registration and ticketing software.
In this article, we’ll explain what functionality a musician’s website typically needs. We’ll also introduce six plugins worth checking out if you’re looking to build this kind of site. Let’s get started!
Why You May Want to Add Some Plugins to Your Music-Focused Website
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