5 UX Mistakes to Avoid in Your WordPress Websites in 2018

User Experience (UX) best practices and standards are rapidly changing. For example, the waterfall model didn’t adequately take user needs into account. Therefore, it has long since been abandoned.

Users have become more tech-savvy over the past few years. They won’t hang around a website that features a poor UX for more than a few seconds. This is hardly long enough for someone to sell a product or offer a service.

The problem is, you might not even realize the mistake(s) you’re making.

We’ve identified 5 major UX issues to avoid. These tips will help you to better attract and engage visitors as you wend your way through 2018.

You Need to Avoid These 5 UX Mistakes in 2018

UX Mistake #1 – Opting to Go with Diversity Instead of Consistency

A hard and fast rule to remember is consistency. Once you’ve selected a color scheme, stick with it across the entire online presence. This includes social media.

Be consistent with fonts as well – as illustrated in BeDecor. Always keep the number of different fonts to 3 or less, and the different sizes to 4 or less.

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