40+ WordPress Blog Themes For General Blogging

Remember that thing WordPress was used for before it was your business website, your E-commerce store, your web tv channel, and your digital portfolio? Oh yeah, I think it was called blogging. It’s unreal how far WordPress has come since its debut. Most of us who use WordPress day in and day out don’t think of it as a blogging platform. Instead, we tend to think of it as a super-powerful content management system, that with the right theme, can become just about anything you want. However, it’s nice to remember that WordPress IS still a blogging platform and there are many people out there who aren’t interested in launching a product or hosting a store. They just want to blog.So, for those of you out there, like myself, who enjoy a beautiful personal blogging theme just as much as all the rest – here are over 40 cool premium WordPress themes perfect for general blogging.The Best WordPress Blog ThemesGreatMag ProGreatMag Pro is a premium WordPress theme perfect for blogging or a magazine website. With tons of customization options, you can make your blog stand out from the rest. Key features of this theme include extra widgets, a social bar in the footer,

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