40+ Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes to Help You Establish a Powerful Online Presence

While some WordPress users tend to stay away from multipurpose themes and would advise you to do the same, quoting the famous saying, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None”, but the mere assumption is baseless! Of course, you cannot excel at everything (baking, photography, blogging), but audiences today are picky about their online purchases. Therefore, it is better to find an all-rounder theme that can help you establish a powerful online presence and deliver your message to the right audience effectively. Though you may have to spend some extra time tweaking the themes according to your needs, once you do, the results are bound to fascinate you! The Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes of 2019Here we have compiled a collection of some of the unique and innovative multipurpose WordPress themes, suited to every big dream that you may want to turn into a reality. Each of these themes does not only offer a unique design and an awesome set of functionalities but also provides support for many of the most popular and useful plugins, so you can do all that you want with your new website.GeneratePressA lightweight and multipurpose theme that focuses strongly on speed and usability. If you’re looking to ensure optimal performance and rapid loading for your website,

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