15 Worst Web Hosting Practices To Watch Out For

If you’re thinking of taking your business online, one of the things you absolutely need is good web hosting. But looking for a hosting company that won’t let your business down is easier said than done.
It isn’t surprising to find sub-par web hosting services with shady practices, i.e. hidden charges, forced upgrades, etc. In fact, even the most popular hosting services today will promise you things they can’t live up to. So, more than just finding out which hosting services are good and which ones are bad, it’s better to get acquainted with the specific practices of these companies that will cause more harm than good to your business.

“Preparing for the worst isn’t pessimism. It’s called being a realist. And realists are usually the best people to run a business.”

To help all of you digital marketers and business owners out there, we’ve rounded up all the worst practices you may come across when dealing with hosting companies. Of course, we’re not telling you this to discourage you. Our goal is to help you out, even if that means revealing web hosting’s dark side to let you see the light.  » Read More