10 Best WordPress Templates for Cryptocurrency Blog: 2018 Edition

When someone dubbing oneself Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptocurrency back in 2008, nobody knew it would boom in the 2010s. Since then, Bitcoin’s exchange rate grew from $0.0008 to more than $10,000. Currently, the number of Bitcoin transactions constitutes over 10 million per month. No doubt, if you’re into cryptocurrency business, you can’t make strides without a cutting-edge web presence that makes users trust you. If you’re at loss, how to quickly and cost-efficiently create a cryptocurrency website, read on. Today, we share with you top 10 best WordPress themes for cryptocurrency blog.
Let’s figure out, what the qualities of a modern cryptocurrency blog template are. When choosing a template for your website, check out for the following:
As you’ve probably noticed, all the themes that we’ve selected for our today’s top 10 run on WordPress. This is hardly surprising, as embracing WordPress CMS is the simplest and most efficient way to power a cryptocurrency blog. On top of being the most popular website management system in the world, WordPress brings you simple website customization and theme installation. Moreover, it’s highly flexible, secure and extendible. Believe us, it’s the CMS to fall in love with even if you’ve never tried it before.

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